Pianpolvere Soprano Bussia.
The Seven Years Reserve Barolo.

Vineyard details

Hectares: 9 in total, 6 of which are Nebbiolo for Barolo and situated all in one plot.
Aspect: south-south west
Altitude: 400m above sea level.
Soil composition: calcareous conglomerates with marlstones and sand , situated in one of the very first areas risen in the Elvetian era.
Cultivation system: Guyot trellis system.
Rootstock per hectare: 4000
Production: Maximum 55 quintals of grapes per hectare .

Lat.: 44° 36' 06.94'' N
Lon. : 7° 57' 56.52'' E

Inspired by the Biodynamic Agricultural System

To obtain the best possible results from our land we have adopted the Biodynamic Agricultural system.

Many species of animals and insects (including: bees, hornets, bats, and several types of insect-eating birds) find this place an ideal habitat, also enhanced by the presence of a natural lake in the vineyard.

We don't use any automated methods to work our vineyards, everything is done by hand.


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